The incredible corporate show and keynote speech
The most important part of your event is the entertainment.

Tomas' 15 - 30 minute corporate show is designed specifically to transform any event into an astonishing, intriguing and memorable experience. This is not just another mind reader showing you what HE can do. This is also about what YOU can do. Tomas pinpoints people's thoughts with meticulous accuracy, but explains how he is doing it along the way. Don't be fooled though, Tomas' methods are brilliantly plotted out so the more you learn - and think you can catch him out - the more he has you in the palm of his hand!

Demonstrations of lie detection are hilarious, human predictability fascinating and the finale... downright incredible. All the while it is educational to learn what our body language may be saying about us, and signs we can look out for in others. If you want to guarantee your employees and clients an event that will truly have a lasting impact - let's teach them how to read minds.

Mix + Mingle

You can organise the most extravagant event, however one thing you can't always control are the people. Do they all know each other? Will some feel a little unable to just socialise or - more importantly - network? Would you also like to know that even when after-dinner speeches or other entertainment isn't happening, the guests are still being constantly amazed?

That's where Tomas comes in. With a high social and mind reading skillset in his armoury, Tomas will entertain groups of people throughout your event. Bringing people together, having them interact with each other as they are dazzled, and then leaving them feeling exhilarated, but also thoroughly introduced. Tomas is not just another magician, he is the psychology mind reader. These are different skills and new routines unused by any other performer, leaving your guests with a real lasting-effect. No matter what the event, this is the most effective way to make sure there isn't a second of boredom.



15 Minute Stage Show / After Dinner Show


30 Minutes of

Mix + Mingle



20-25 Minute Stage Show / After Dinner Show


One Hour of

Mix + Mingle



30 Minute Stage Show / After Dinner Show


Two Hours of

Mix + Mingle



Bespoke Routine to Round-Off Evening

Doesn't match your needs? No problem! Message me with what you are looking for and I'm sure I'll be able to provide it!

Your act was the perfect addition to our Christmas events. Thank You!

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