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My stage show is the perfect way to entertain all of your seated guests at once. Whether it's a stand alone event or after-dinner entertainment, I can adapt the show to suit your requirements to a tee.

Full of audience participation, my show will have your guests laughing out loud and gasping in amazement throughout. A routine that teaches the audience how to detect lies is hilarious, and a demonstration into the power of our intuition downright incredible. All of this is then pulled together in the jaw-dropping finale.

Why hire a mind reader? You can organise the most extravagant event, but the last thing you want to be doing on the night is wondering if people are having fun. Wouldn't it be great to know that even when after-dinner speeches or other entertainment isn't happening, the guests are still being constantly amazed?

That's where I come in. With a high social and magical skillset in my armoury, I will entertain groups of people throughout your event. and get them talking. 


Jack Applebaum at Peel Talent

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