Let's make your special day special.

Your Wedding

Your wedding is all about you. So here's what I am going to do to ensure you have the best day of your life:

Drinks Reception

  • Amazing entertainment: As guests drink and socialise, I'll move around the room getting big reactions with incredible mind reading routines.

  • Introduce People: Some people may come alone, some may not be great at socialising. I have learnt from years of experience how to bring a few strangers together, amaze them and then leave them to chat thoroughly introduced!

  • Amazing photos! I constantly work with photographers on the night to get big animated reactions from people that make for brilliant pictures!

Evening Meal

  • During the Meal: I will go around the tables and do a few demonstrations as people either wait for their turn at the buffet, or are waiting for the next course.

  • Special Moment! While everyone is sitting, this is the perfect opportunity to do a special routine just for the bride and groom. This moment is spectacular and brings everyone together in a moment of astonishment.

The Party

  • Dancing + Mind Reading: The perfect combo! As people dance the night away, it's always great to perform for those who want a little extra!

  • Expect some even more hilarious and essential photographs that you and your guests will want to keep forever!

Waiting Periods

  • Photographs: Sometimes people need to do a little waiting around while they wait for the group pictures to be done. No problem at all! While the photographer takes care of the necessary shots, I'll make sure everyone else behind the camera are getting their huge smiles ready!

  • Little Delays: Sometimes things don't run 100% smoothly. Be it some transport issues, or the catering is trying to get the food just perfect, there may be little delays. Not a problem! I'll be on hand to adapt and make sure there's always something incredible going on!

Ready for an incredible wedding?

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Magical Weddings

Weddings can be costly. But why spend all that money on a party without actually hiring the most incredible entertainment you can have?

One of our biggest wedding fears is wondering whether people are enjoying themselves. I'm here to put your mind at ease. I'll constantly move between groups of guests and amaze them with incredible close-up magic and mind reading. I'll also bring people together so that after I've amazed them, they will be be thoroughly introduced! My social skillset and mind reading armoury will ensure that even when people are required to do some waiting, they will not be bored for a second!

Whether it's while people have a drink at the reception, are waiting around for the wedding photographer or enjoying their meal - I'll be there as long as you need to make sure your wedding is a talking point long after the "I do"s.

What my previous couples have said

The Cranneys

Thank you so much for  performing at our wedding! You were incredible and the guests loved you. Will highly recommend you!

The Crawleys

We knew magic would be fun but you really took it to the next level. Friends still mention it any time our wedding comes up!

Jenny Duncan (Bride)

Tomas was amazing. During a worryingly long photographer session he was immediately able to step in and keep everyone waiting thoroughly enjoying themselves. I'm very grateful, thank you!


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