What do the critics say?

"Tomas’ ability is astounding."

"He’ll have you gasping, laughing and on the edge of your seat.  If you’re a sceptic, go. If you’re a believer, go. It has to be seen to be believed!"


"I Can Read Your Mind is a worthy mind reading show and is deservedly popular. McCabe’s lovely enthusiasm for getting the audience involved in every step of his mentalist tricks charms his audience and makes for an excellent and entertaining event."



"The audience is holding its collective breath."

"We all need a little more magic in our lives."

This is an amazing show! Tomas is charming and professional, with great energy. 

- Emma

Brilliant show! Tomas is incredible! Our family loved every single minute!


- David Wardell

You’ll be amazed, astounded and definitely raising your hand in hopes to be an audience participant! A must see of the Fringe!

- Matt Merritt

Tomas was very good, we had so much fun and left amazed with the show! It is a must in the Fringe this year!


- Adrian M

It was mind blowing! I really liked it!


- Liedewij Luyken

Awesome show , well worth the watch! Entertaining for the full 60 minutes , really well done, mind blowing and funny! Couldn't recommend enough!

- Tom Kalje

Amazing show! Enjoyed every minute. When the free fringe can undoubtedly be hit or miss this is by far a ‘hit’. Thoroughly recommended!

- Jennifer

Tomas was excellent at engaging with the audience, a real showman and amazingly talented, i will talk about this for months! A must see.


- Melanie


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