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"You gave a very confident performance and it was all about me. Win-win!"

- Amanda Holden



Tomas’s style of mind reading is not just jaw-dropping amazing, but also extremely entertaining. With his bubbly Irish charm, Tomas will have you feeling both comfortable and excited instantly, before blowing you away with impossible feats. He knows what you’re thinking, and also the choices you will make in the future. He also uses and explains his unique blend of psychology within the tricks. Young, fresh and seriously funny, Tomas strives to ensure that every performance is a five-star show that you will be talking about for years to come.


Tomas grew up in Northern Ireland, where he took an interest in performing magic and studying psychology. Combining the two eventually became the recipe for his highly acclaimed shows. After studying psychology at the University of Liverpool, Tomas moved to London to regularly amaze people with his fresh style as a mind reader. After becoming one of the most successful acts ever at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe festival, Tomas was invited onto Britain's Got Talent where he received unanimous praise from the judges. This lead to performances on cruise ships and venues all over the world.


Every single time Tomas does something, he puts his own unique spin on it. This explains why audiences love what he does and can't find it anywhere else. In his mind reading shows, Tomas explains the psychology and body language tricks to his audience - but still fools them! This gives a hugely fascinating element that you rarely see with other entertainers. Everything is packaged together in a performance full of laugh-out-loud comedy and astonishing tricks.

Tomas also co-runs an English educational theatre show (pictured left), has written two books and regularly consults with clients on social media boosting and theatre performances.


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