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Fringe veteran mind reader, Tomas McCabe, is back with a show that combines his trademark mentalism with a courtroom drama. Having been the go-to Fringe performer for mind reading for four years running, Tomas has now taken his skills to the next level by training as a barrister. Expect a family-friendly show of incredible mentalism mixed with the drama of court. Are you brave enough to sit as the judge or jury, or will you be the one on trial?


Tomas McCabe How To Read Minds show poster

How To Read Minds (2022)

After many years of hard work, this is the show that Tomas performs today across the world. A slick show demonstrating how to read minds using body language and human predictability. Stacked with moments of laughter and awe, this is the perfect show to entertain your guests in a way like they have never experienced before. Tomas will teach everyone how he is reading them which is utterly fascinating. But don't worry! The moment you think you can outsmart him, the jaw-dropping finale will come and once again you'll be scratching your head.

This show is also perfect for keynote speaking and corporate team building.

Time is customisable for any event.


In his third year at the Edinburgh Fringe, Tomas did things very differently. After playing to over 4,000 people the previous year, Tomas was invited to perform at the Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre - marking a progressive move into the ticketed fringe. Not only this, but 'The Mind Reading Experiments' was Tomas' first plot driven show. Following the story of the incredible Creery sisters in 1880 (a group of sisters who were experimented on and found to have 'real' paranormal abilities), Tomas recreated these various tests live on stage with outstanding results.

Reviews for 'The Mind Reading Experiments' illustrate just how much Tomas has advanced in the field of variety performers. World Magic Review called the show "perfect" and pointed out "McCabe is already head of the class when it comes to putting together a show." The National Student magazine called his abilities "pretty amazing" and Broadway Baby were adamant that "McCabe posses the charisma required in one of the top fringe performers."

The Mind Reading Experiments
Magician Mind Reader show poster london


Tomas did his first full run at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a revamp of 2017's 'I Can Read Your Mind'. The show played 24 consecutive days to audiences of 200-300 people.


Full of audience participation, Tomas demonstrated live how he can control the decisions we make, how he learnt to detect lies from prisoners and how strong our intuition is through a dangerous game of Russian Roulette! Audiences laughed out loud and gasped with amazement all the way to the jaw-dropping finale!



"Astonishing."                               The National Student

"Excellent."                                    World Magic Review

“I’m just thinking… HOW!?”   - BBC Radio Ulster

“You’ve made believers of sceptics here. Bloody fantastic!” – IUR FM

I Can Read Your Mind (2017)

The first experience Tomas had ever at the Edinburgh Fringe was in 2017. Performing only 8 nights in the small room above coffee shop 'Southside Social', he played to about 30 people a show. Due to a lack of knowledge at this stage of the fringe, the team managed to promote the show so well that most performances ended up turning people away at the door. Following this, it was decided the show would be brought back, the poster and name would not be changed and a larger venue would be selected. Much of the contents of this show was different to the 2018 version, and no recording was ever made.

Magic, Mind Reading, Mentalism


Performed for the better part of 100 people, this one of show was the first ever performance fully written, directed and performed by Tomas. At only 15 years old, this was seen by many in the local community as a huge accomplishment. The show took place in the Sean Hollywood Arts Centre, Newry (N. Ireland) where Tomas grew up. Hypnotist and promoter Michael McCoy attended the show, and subsequently invited the mind reader to join the team on a family variety show that would perform at various venues across Ireland. This show ran throughout the summer of the same year. Tomas would then take a break from performing theatre shows while he completed school and went to university to study psychology.

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