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top best wedding magician london


"You really had everyone entertained from start to finish. They still talk about how you did it!"

- Mr & Mrs Crawley


The Best Wedding Magician

Having great entertainment at your wedding has never been so important. The last thing you want to do is be stressing on your big day. This is where Tomas come in.

From the moment your drinks reception begins, Tomas will start the party unlike anyone else. Repeatedly booked for his charm and personality, Tomas will keep your guests laughing and thoroughly wowed while you organise those important pictures. No one will be standing around bored!

Alternatively, you may wish for Tomas to perform his after-dinner stand up set for the entire room. Of course, the wedding couple are the centre of attention and Tomas will create an incredibly special moment between you that no one in the room will ever forget.

With hundreds of performances under his belt and a special invitation to perform for the BGT judges, make sure you secure Tomas for your wedding and you're big day will be talked about for months.

Wedding magician london
wedding magician mind reader london UK
wedding magician london mind reader

"We found Tomas at another wedding and knew we HAD to have him for ours. Our guests absolutely loved him!"

- The MCCrorys


wedding magician london


We've all been there. The magical ceremony has just ended and it's time for the couple to have their photographs taken. The other guests are left to have a drink and the awkward small talk begins!

This is the perfect time for Tomas to keep the energy high. In a much more natural and fun way to introduce strangers to one another, Tomas will keep everyone thoroughly entertained while you take care of getting the perfect pictures!

Drinks receptions can often run for up to 2 hours. But don't worry, Tomas will keep performing to allow you to handle the pictures stress-free.


During the meal, Tomas recommends you allow your guests to focus on eating. Let's be honest, by this stage everyone is hungry and the waiters are trying to get the food out quick.

However, after the speeches there is a lovely opportunity for Tomas' short stand-up show for the full room. Tummies are full and there's some time before the evening party.

Tomas will take the whole room on a short-version of his hugely acclaimed theatre show. With the head table at the centre of attention, this 15-20 minute show will have your guests laughing out loud all the way to the jaw-dropping finale for the couple. This is a moment no one will ever forget.

london wedding magician hire
wedding magician london hire


It is typical that once everyone has eaten their meal and had some drinks, there is a natural drop in energy during the wait for the evening guests. This is where Tomas' exuberant social skills will be extremely valuable.


As people wait around and the evening guests arrive, Tomas will pull them together for outstanding performances that will drive the energy in the room through the roof. By time everyone should be dancing, your guests will be ready to go all night!

Dancing isn't for everyone, and some couples opt to keep Tomas around in an area of the evening party for those who wish to sit comfortably and be entertained. Let's talk about what works for you!

wedding magician mind reader london

"Even when we were running behind, Tomas told us not to worry and continued creating an incredible atmosphere."


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