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JUNE 2020

INTRO (1st  June)

Hey, everyone! Welcome to a brand new month at the Magic Academy! If you completed the May lessons, you will now have a really good set of card tricks to use any time! These will require practice, of course, but I don't want to give you super-easy tricks that don't amaze people... I want you to be mastering top level magic!

I also taught you the 'multiple outs' concept for mind reading. This month we will look at a bit more mind reading that you can use, as well as some new magic principles.

Unfortunately, as my followers on TikTok will already know, I had a little injury this weekend. While cooking dinner, I hit my eye on the open door of a cupboard, cutting it open. Ouch! Due to this, I have had to rest an extra couple of days to let it heal.

This means the first lesson in June will come this week as planned, but just a couple of days late. We will still cover ALL the content this month I had planned anyway, so don't worry! You can see the dates of each new lesson on this page now.

Don't forget to enter each competition. Good luck!

Week 1 (5th June) - EARLY RELEASE

For week 1, we are going to look at a critical skill in magic: forcing. This is the ability to make someone choose something that you want, even though they think they have a free choice. It is used in magic and mind reading and it will be brilliant for you to master lots of different ways to do this. Some of the tricks you will learn this month will literally blow people away they are that good. But to start with the basics, the best way to learn is with a simple mind reading trick. On this video, watch the first half for the trick we are going to learn. The second half is entertaining too, but not to do with our lesson.

And here is how we do it! Don't worry about the fact my video is a little bit edited, I still use the force with the cards in pretty much every professional gig I do! The details for this week's competition are on that video as well. Submit your entry below... Good luck!

Week 2 (13th June)

This lesson we are going to do another one of my favourites tricks. Again, this works from what we learnt about forcing last week. The routine and explanation are all in one video!

I cannot emphasise the importance of how you actually present the trick enough. Like most magic, it doesn't matter if you are a great magician, you still need to put on a great show. I'm excited to see the ideas you work with this week!

Week 3 (20th  June)

For this week we are going to take a type of forcing that mind readers use instead of the typical forces of magicians. These are psychological forces. Essentially, over years magicians have worked out the most common things people will select when given a certain choice. Have a watch of the video.

Some great psychological forces are:

Vegetable: Carrot

Colour: Red

Flower: Rose

Number between 1 - 10: 7

Tool: Hammer

Board Game: Monopoly

Number between 1 - 50, but both digits must be odd and both must be different: 37

Number between 50 - 100 but both digits must be even and both different: 68

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Update: Starting this week the competition winners will be featured on the Magic Academy website instead of my personal social media. Thank you for understanding.

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