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WEEK 1 ( 1st May)

This week begins with one of my favourite card routines, The Two Jacks. It is a perfect trick to learn as a beginner because you will learn 2 key skills involved in card magic.

Have a look at the video (from Youtube) of the performance. We will then take a look at learning how to perform this well!

As you will see in this tutorial, the two key skills to learn here are the basic false shuffle and controlling a card to the bottom of the deck. Once you have learnt these skills you will have a much easier time with future tricks!

Remember, the first thing to master is the technique. Performing skills will come later. Before you can really tell a magical story, you need to be very comfortable with performing the trick in your hands so you aren't thinking about that too much when you show people.

To enter the contest: Each week there is a contest to win a share for the best performer of a trick. To enter, simply post a video of you performing the trick on a family member, or to friends, or to the camera. This can be to TikTok or Youtube. Once posted, submit the link here: (Only one entry per person.)

WEEK 2 ( 8th May)

This week we are looking at a mind reading trick. This is a very basic prediction but don't be fooled! Just because the method is not difficult to do physically (like sleight of hand), it is still VERY important. The skill of a mind reader vs a magician is a lot more about presentation. The tricks may be easier to do, but they are certainly harder to make entertaining! 

The first principle you should know as a mind reader is multiple outs, and that is what this routine will cover. This is when you have a certain choice you want a participant to make, however, if they make a different choice you are still prepared and can sell it as if the choice they made was the choice you wanted all along!

Once you have watched the video of the routine and the explanation video, go and try this on family members and friends. You can also do it with different types of cards or objects. All you need to do is get creative with your 'outs' so that whatever happens, it is believable that you had predicted their decision all along.


For this week's competition, I want to see you perform this on a family member, friend or stranger! I also want you to do it without them acting (or playing along) for the video. I can tell! Keep filming it on people until someone does not choose the easiest 'out' (in the video above that would be the 8 spades). I want to see how you handle it. Once you post the video to Youtube or Tik Tok, submit the link to it below! Good luck!

WEEK 3 (15th May)

Welcome to week 3 of the academy, and thanks to everyone who has joined so far! I am loving watching you all do magic! This week is focused on the double lift. This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT skills in magic you can learn. Once you master it, you will be able to perform magic at any party or event, any time, with no preparation! I know some of you will know about the double lift, but this is not about knowing magic, it's about learning magic. No matter how good you think you are, the double lift is a skill that can always get better... even for magicians like me! So watch the trick, then have a look at a guide to performing the routine and the double lift.

The reason this routine is so powerful is that the magic happens in the spectator's hands! This is really cool for them and makes them truly believe in magic. For the competition, you can do this on a real person or find a way to set it up by yourself. The winner will be the person who does the best, most natural looking double lift! Submit entries on Tik Tok or below! Good luck!

WEEK 4 (23rd May)

To finish off this month we are going to build on the key skill we learnt last week - the double lift. This routine is a perfect example of one of the most powerful walk-around card tricks you can do! Have a look at the video to see what it looks like from the spectator's point of view.

One of the things I mentioned last week was how important it was to practice the double lift. One of the things I noticed in the competition entries was that this is still the case. People were giving it a really good attempt, but no one was able to do it without seeing the second card at least once. Don't worry! This is normal. It could never be mastered in a week. However, it just goes to show to pull off the very best tricks you must practice, practice, practice!

The explanation is here. For the competition this week I will again be looking for a good mix of a decent double lift along with a nice, smooth presentation. Good luck!

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